Education & Outreach Team

Community Education & Outreach Team

I. COMMITTEE STRUCTURE The chair, co chair and scribe will rotate at every meeting.

II. MEETINGS The meetings will be held once a month on the first Monday of the month at 9:00 am. Ms. Liburd will check with UVI to confirm whether or not the committee would be able to use this line for future meetings. In the event UVI conference line cannot be used for future meetings, Keshema Webbe said EPA will be able to host the meeting on their conference line.

Next Meeting: 

EPA Office on St. Thomas.

Theodore Tunick Building, Ste. 102,

1336 Beltjen Road

Committee Members

Ginger Brown – Northside Valley Eco Village on St. Croix

Marsha Laurencin – student at UVI, works under the direction of Dr. Archibald, CGTC, UVI

Sarah Haynes – project manager for EARTH Program at Gifft Hill School, member of IGBA board on St. John, member of St. John Recycling Committee

Chinet Bernier – Caribbean Green Technology Center – UVI

Cordell Jacobs – works for VIWMA as the Scale House supervisor

Kaeche Liburd – VIEPSCOR

Keshema Webbe –  EPA, former chair of VINE, Life Scientist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the Virgin Islands.

Kysha Wallace – VIWMA Environmental Educator, Co-chair of VINE – Virgin Islands Network of Environmental Educators

Cheryl Rae – Webmaster:,,,,; Graphic artist.  Fine artist.

Rita DeFerrary

March Leadership Team:
Kysha Wallace – Lead
Cheryl Rae – Co-lead
Cordell Jacobs – ScribeApril Leadership Team:
Cheryl Rae – Lead
Cordell Jacobs – Co-lead
Ginger Vanderveer – ScribeOur Agenda:
Committee Structure
Roles/Functions of Education Committee ProjectsMinutes:

Resources: The following are resources related to the Education & Outreach Team initiatives.


News and Events:

VIRP Campaign!

Virgin Islands

This campaign is geared toward cleaning up the Virgin Islands! We will dedicate a 5k run/walk to a significant concept – such as recycling, composting, green energy, etc. – that is long lasting enough for the idea to take hold in the hearts and minds of all islanders, new, old or wannabes.

Please vote on a slogan below:

  1. Love island dem
  2. Our Islands – Our Future
  3. Beauty-it’s who we are.
  4. Responsible Earth Stewards
  5. Island Proud
  6. My address: the most beautiful corner of Earth

OR send your suggestions or questions to Cheryl Rae at!

Additional graphics can be designed according to your slogan ideas!

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