Implementing a Comprehensive Recycling Program on St. John


Governor John P. de Jongh, Jr. hosted a meeting at Government House Monday morning to discuss implementation of a comprehensive recycling program on St. John. The program would be built on a public-private partnership that will involve the collection of household goods, crushing of aluminum cans and transportation of waste based on support from local vendors and shippers.

Joining the Governor at the meeting included: St. John Administrator Leona Smith, Public Works Commissioner Darryl Smalls, Jim Grum of the VI Waste Management Authority and Harith Wickrema, Bill Willigerod and Rob Crane of Island Green Living Association.

De Jongh said the objective is to “build on what is now in place in partnership with the community and to arrive at a point where the island of St. John can become known for its commitment to being “green” while sustaining that commitment with a strong educational program that will draw the interest of our children.”