VI Organics Education Stewardship Program

Virgin Islands Organic Education Stewardship Program

In early 2013, the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at Syracuse University and the Virgin Islands Recycling Partnership (VIRP) sought out university students interested in assisting with developing and delivering a Sustainable Organics Materials Management Education
Program for K-­12 school and other organizations in the Virgin Islands during the spring 2013 school year. This program aims to educate on waste reduction, reuse, and recycling with a special focus on organics management (green waste, food discards…etc.).

For the program, VIRP Organics Materials Management Interns, consisting of UVI students and community members, underwent an intensive training on organics management, composting methods, and K-12 curriculum, and then delivered these programs to schools across the three islands.

Program participants engaged at least one school or community site (such as a restaurant or hotel) and worked with the intern(s) to establish a more sustainable organics management plan, as well as visit the site in order to teach students, educators, and staff about sustainable materials management, with a focus on composting.

Summer Internship Information

VI Stewardship Program Summer 2014

VI Stewardship Program Flyer Summer 2014

Organics Materials Management Training December 2012

The December 2012 compost training was conducted by Mark Lichtenstein, Director of the EFC, and Ana Verónica Arache, Internship Coordinator of the sister Internship Program in Puerto Rico, along with Jean Bonhotal, Director of the Cornell Waste Management Institute, and Jason Budsan from the Environmental Association of St. Thomas – St. John.

Educational Resources Related to Composting!

Stay up-to-date with additional ideas for community-scale organics composting. Find more information using the following:

Launch of the Sustainability Club at the UVI-St. Thomas Campus!

UVI Sustainability ClubMarsha Laurencin, a former Organics Intern, spearheaded a Sustainability Club at the UVI- St. Thomas Campus. The club seeks to promote waste reduction on campus and locally through composting, recycling, as well as through education and outreach initiatives. Goals for the school organization include finding alternative ways to manage solid waste (i.e. recycling), inviting sustainability experts to host innovative and create workshops to encourage SMM practices, and maintaining and managing cafeteria organic waste for compost. Find the UVI Sustainability Club Facebook page for more information!

VI Organics Interns Build Compost Tumblers to be Given to Local Schools


A Call for Summer 2014 Stewardship Program Participants

The Syracuse EFC is happy to announce a second round of the Organics Materials Management Education Program set to take place from May 25 through August 2014. During this time, participants, also called “Stewards,” will work to engage at least one school or community site–such as a restaurant or hotel–that will work with the Steward(s) to establish a more sustainable organics management plan, as well as visit the site in order to teach students/educators/staff about sustainable materials management, with a focus on composting. The program will take approximately 40-50 hours to complete. Students will work with the EFC,the US EPA Virgin Islands office, and other members of the VIRP. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please feel free to share!

Summer 2014 Stewards Set to Begin Composting Project!

USVI community members interested in becoming Organics Management (Composting) Stewards are set to begin their Summer 2014 Composting Projects! Interested Stewards attended the Sunday, May 25 ABCs of composting workshop to gain in-depth, hands-on training on composting as well as an orientation meeting with Syracuse Environmental Finance Center (EFC) staff. Stewards will work closely with Syracuse EFC [link to EFC website please] staff who have a variety of expertise and experiences for any necessary composting and educational resources. Be sure to follow Stewardship program activities on Facebook at

Stewardship Program Description here.

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How to Get Involved

Would you like to start a composting program or host a composting workshop? To learn more about the Stewardship Program or about other VIRP opportunities to become involved with the internship program, download the VI Internship Flyer May2014 or contact Laura Cardoso at

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