Welcome to the U.S. Virgin Islands Recycling Partnership!


The Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University is using its solid waste management and recycling expertise to facilitate the the U.S. Virgin Islands Recycling Partnership (VIRP) in an effort to assist the islands in establishing a sustainable solid waste strategy—based on an aggressive program of waste reduction, recycling and composting—and moving toward a sustainable materials economy. The partnership includes government (at all levels), non-profit organizations, citizens, environmental groups, and the private sector. The VIRP is comprised of eight core teams: Construction & Demolition Debris; Education & Outreach; Glass, Metal & Plastic Containers; Government Relations; Organics; Paper; Scrap Metal; and Special Wastes. To become a member of the VIRP and to join a team, register here.

As VIRP commodities team planning proceeds, web pages will be set up for each of those material categories to track and share information for those categories of material resources. For a summary of sustainable materials management options for the Virgin Islands, please refer to the VIRP Integrate Solid Waste Strategy below.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 11.12.02 AMClick here to download the VIRP Integrated Solid Waste Strategy.


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